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The Town Is The Venue
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Anthony Schrag_TC_venue
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The Town Is The Venue Town Collection

Anthony Schrag

Lure of the Lost, 2015

Signpost, The Square

Pathway sign

In 2015, Anthony Schrag took a contemporary pilgrimage from Huntly to Venice in 111 days and over 2500km. Schrag walked to the sacred site of many artists, the Venice Biennale, the biggest international art festival in the world. By walking there, the artist questioned what it means to be professionally accepted, and the desire of reaching such a destination.

This work, a signpost that points in the direction of Schrag's 'Lure of the Lost' route to Venice, is located on the signpost at the heart of Huntly's town square. Follow the road to the south and a second sign will point your way from Rhynie village centre.

Find this artwork at Signpost, The Square: