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The Town Is The Venue
Where in the world is Huntly? Where in the world is Huntly?
Maider Lopez - The Map

The Town Is The Venue Town Collection

Maider López

How do you live this place?, 2010

Huntly Development Trust, Brander Building
Access to this item may be restricted, contact us for details.

Stickers on printed vinyl map

Maider López, an artist from the Basque country, Spain, joined us in Huntly in the Autumn of 2010 for a project How do you live this place?. López investigates the relationship between civic/public architecture and the daily movements and routines of the public.

People from the community were given colour-coded stones to be placed around the town in places of personal experience, memory and the feelings associated with place. López produced a map based on these memories and subjective experience. Taking inspiration from Huntly’s 17th Century Cartographer James Legge, she was interested in mapping as a form of subjectivity and the ability of people to map and transform public space.

The Huntly Development Trust, in whose office this work is held, takes a lead in instigating change in the community. This map may serve as a starting point for inspiration.

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Find this artwork at Brander Building. Access to this item may be restricted, contact us for details.: