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Our Revolution is the Joy of Samba.

Alexandre Louzada

A cultural exchanged investingating parading in different cultures

Daniel Ruiz, Mestre Jonas & Bruno da Tavares (Sambasupercollider) came from Rio de Janeiro and visited Huntly in May-June 2012. Ceilidhamba kick started Huntly's year of Samba, Marakatu, Coco and other Brazilian rhythms, that was continued later in the year with the project Nordeste/North East - Ceilidhcatu.

During their research visit Sambasupercollider looked at opportunities for cultural exchange with our Scottish parading and music traditions. Numerous workshops with schools and informal groups were staged, as well as a parade, during the Portsoy path opening ceremony, ending in a community celebration with Brazilian cocktails in our garden. The highlight of their stay was a jamming session that included piper Donal Brown, fiddlers from across the town, songwriter Ewen McVicar, guitar and many more local instruments playing next to the ubiquitous samba drums.


Sambasupercollider is an electronic Samba project hailing from Rio de Janeiro. Led by producer Daniel Ruiz and samba virtuoso Mestre Jonas and percussionist Bruno da Tavares they are a team of all star players from Rio's samba schools.

Daniel Ruiz is a guitarist, composer and musical producer. Born in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Daniel has a degree in Arts & Cultural Management. Daniel was part of the touring group of the world-known carnival act Monobloco, performing alongside such great names of Brazilian popular music as Fernanda Abreu, Lenine and Herbert Vianna. Either performing as a solo act or in collaboration with other artists and choreographers Daniel has presented his works in many venues across Brazil, the USA and across Europe.

Mestre Jonas, is the Samba conductor and percussionist. As said in the Go Brazil website, Mestre Jonas is one of the most charismatic personalities in Brazil Carnival. Son of Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel samba school founder, Orozimbo de Oliveira, Jonas grew up playing the samba from a very young age in Mocidade's bateria, conducted by samba legend Mestre André. In more than 30 years of samba experience, Mestre Jonas has conducted many baterias (samba school drum sections) in Rio carnival including Mocidade, Salgueiro and Cubango to name just a few.

Bruno da Tavares, born and raised at Vila Vintém favela, Bruninho grew up among the Mocidade Independente's drum players.  When he was only fifteen, Bruno was chosen by Jonas to be the lead repique player for Mocidade. Since then, his frantic samba playing has been heard in many schools in Rio and in other presentations all over the world including the UK, Germany and Spain.


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