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The Town Is The Venue
What is Friday Lunch? What is Friday Lunch?

Simone Kenyon

In the Footsteps of Nan Shepherd


But in the climbing ecstasy of thought,

Ere consummation, ere the final peak.

Nan Shepherd

A long distance round walk looking at issues, plights and pleasures of women walking in wilderness

London based walking artist Simone Kenyon explored the former trading routes of the Hielan' Ways during autumn and winter 2013-14.

The Hielan' Ways network was undoubtedly structured around walking; the distances which could be covered at walking pace, from one place of significance to another. Inspired by the writing of Nan Shepherd–following in the footsteps of her sensibility, and of those who once lived this place–we asked would it be possible to recreate a long distance path, reconnecting both locals and tourists with the area and its people.


Simone's project created a new map that will bring the Hielan Ways path back into the foreground. It explores both the individual and collective experiences of this long distance route, through our experiences of today and of yesteryears. 

Beginning with the perspectives of the artist's accounts of walking and mapping the 70 mile journey alongside the historical and typographical fragments that exist, the project uncovered and celebrated the truths, myths and fragments of the historical as a means to recreate a new long distance walking path, that can be used by both locals and tourists to the North East of Scotland in the future.

Simone is a performer, artist and producer working within a variety of contexts between experimental dance, theatre and work that explores walking and environments. 


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