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Alan Macpherson

Minor Paths


The eye is enticed by a path, and the mind's eye also
Robert Macfarlane, The Old Ways
A writing and research residency investigating the relationship between art and path making

Alan Macpherson lives in Huntly and was in residence during summer 2012.

Operating within Deveron Projects’ theme of Hospitality and ‘Slow Travel’, the aim of the residency was to advance research and writing on the themes of walking and path making. While the scope of this long term project is international, it also has its feet firmly rooted in Huntly. As such, Alan was simultaneously carrying out his own investigations into walking in and around Huntly. On this side of the project, his concern was with that aspect of walking which Rebecca Solnit refers to as 'the time in-between', the time of walking to or from a place, of meandering, of running errands’, or what Michel De Certeau calls ‘the act itself of passing-by’.


Minor Paths formed part of an on-going attempt to interrogate the act of walking by bringing together existing ideas, activities and diverse interested parties at the same time as breaking down pre-conceived notions and expanding the ways we think and write about walking.

The main part of Alan's residency was spent on researching desire paths in Huntly; paths that never make it to the ordinance survey map. His time culminated in a walking event, Rite of Way, when on Sunday the 19th of August some 45 people walked along a 1k stretch on the river Bogie, recreating an overgrown and almost redundant path - the making of a new Minor Path.

This event was followed by a discussion in the Gladstone play park next to the river on path making ranging from physical intervention to subconscious action of individuals and community.

For more information visit the Minor Paths archive.


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    Minor Paths

    A writing and research residency investigating the relationship between art and path making