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Catrin Jeans

Cultural Health Visitor and supporting artist for all occassions

2013 – 2015

The origin of the word 'culture' comes directly from Latin cultura; to mean 'growing, cultivation'
The Oxford Dictionary
Nurturing common contexts for cultural happenings through her work as the Cultural Health Visitor

Catrin is currently working as the Deveron Projects' Cultural Health Visitor. She first came to Huntly in 2008 as an intern, shortly after graduating from Duncan of Jordantone. Prior to joining the team in 2013 Catrin developed her practice in socially engaged art and worked on several Deveron Projects projects as a supporting artist. 

Her first supporting artist event complemented Senzeni Marasela’s Jonga: Look at Me where Catrin created a participatory artwork celebrating Barbie’s 50th anniversary. She invited people to swap clothing whilst discussing their personal memories of wearing them, thus giving more value to the material items.

In 2010 Deveron Projects commissioned Catrin to produce a collaborative performance for the Edinburgh Art Festival, where she served 'Non Stop Choice' as an edible product for guests to devour, while questioning the amount of choice they have through consumerism. 'Non Stop Choice' was also performed at the 798 Arts Festival in Beijing.


In 2011 Catrin created and hosted the Dads Only Members Club as part of Anthony Schrag’s A Perfect Father Day? She played to the stereotypes of fatherhood and created a space for the men to drink beer, read their newspapers and listen to Radio DaDa while Catrin pampered them and took care of their every need.

While collaborating with artists Perri MacKenzie, Sarah Messenger, Ruby Pester, Nadia Rossi and Cathy Weir, in the form of Now Now collective, Catrin led a performative safety demonstration that guided participants through eating their lunch safely for David Sherry’s Ill Fated Fête.


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