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David Blyth

By Dandi


A Comic Strip for Huntly

In collaboration with Deveron Projects and the Huntly Express, David Blyth produced a weekly comic strip throughout 2005 that featured in the local newspaper.

Every Friday the Huntly Express is read by a considerable portion of people in and around Huntly, providing journalistic insight into issues and events significant to the local populace. The variety of stories covered by the paper each week is a document of our town's development and character. One popular device the paper did not have, however, was a regular cartoon. How could a small, three-panel cartoon engage with and define the voice, language and issues of Huntly?


David Blyth, known to work with (dead) animals in his artistic practice, and also in relation to community practices such as sheep farming, produced a cartoon strip, and character, called Dandi. This lovable cartoon sheep arrived in Huntly (after being thrown off a train for not buying a ticket...) with a warm curiosity for his new surroundings. Staying here for the rest of the year, he met several of the local residents, getting himself into various troublesome situations as he tried to negotiate life in Huntly. Bedroom advice from farmers, sausage thievery, frightening encounters with the grim practices of a certain town artist and masochistic punishments for library fines were some of the highpoints of Dandi's residency. These situations are a light-hearted response to issues and events that happened in Huntly, capturing the specific tone and traditions of local life.

At the end of the year, a small booklet was published with the assistance of the Gordon Forum for the Arts which featured all episodes plus a few extras that never made it to press; a popular stocking filler for the 2005 festive season.


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A booklet was produced with cartoon drawings of year round By Dandi adventures.