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Where in the world is Huntly? Where in the world is Huntly?

Energy and Us

Sun 16 April, 11am, 11 Gordon Street

What does energy mean for our local landscape?

Join us on Sunday 16 April for a discussion surrounding our own relationships to energy and energy structures in the landscape. We will be joined by Jelte Harnmeijer—founding partner at Scene Connect, assisting communities in meeting renewable energy objectives—and Jamie Wilkinson of Huntly and District Development Trust, who will talk about what the Energised Landscape means locally.

This year's Slow Marathon is part of artist Andrea Geile's project Energised Landscape, where she has been examining places of energy, innate or man-made, real or perceived, in the area southeast of Huntly. From Neolithic sites, to hill tops, to renewables and new pylon constructions.

We invite you to contribute to the discussion by sharing your own perspective and relationships to the various energy structures integrated throughout the landscape of Aberdeenshire. What effect do they have on you? What benefits? What problems? How do we interact with such things in our landscape? 

​Booking Advised / Lunch included​

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