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What is a Shadow Curator? What is a Shadow Curator?

Friday Lunch

Fridays, 1pm, Brander Kitchen

Weekly lunch and talks

What is Friday lunch? 
The sharing of food is a great leveller. On Fridays, we invite people to speak about topics that relate to art, their travels, gardening and other walks of life. At 1pm our little team, along with artists and whoever else wants to join us, have lunch together. Normally we cook vegetarian and attempt to use local produce – from our garden when possible. Visitors make a suggested contribution of £2. All are welcome!
Upcoming Friday lunches:

Friday 20 September: A community companionship scheme for the price of a pizza
with Theresa Lee
Huntly Neighbours is a grass-roots community companionship scheme started by Theresa Lee in response to an idea posted as part of the How's Huntly? survey in 2018 towards the town's Room to Thrive strategy. Huntly Neighbours sees community volunteers have weekly phone contact with members of the community who feel isolated and in need of a good neighbourly chat - a substitute for the chat over the fence. The system works on referral from the Huntly GPs and healthworkers. The scheme has an incredibly light footprint - the cost of a phone contract that is the same price as a takeaway pizza.

Friday 27 September: Redesigning design in the pluriverse: stories from an old design school in Rio
with Zoy Anastassakis 

In her presentation, Zoy will return to situations she came across in the Superior School of Industrial Design, at Rio de Janeiro State University (ESDI/UERJ), including stories of encounters with “Indians, Blacks and the Poor” which took place there. The expression “Indians, Blacks and the Poor” was used by the samba school Estação Primeira de Mangueira, winner of the 2019 Rio Carnival, in place of the dictum “Order and Progress” which is written at the center of the Brazilian flag. These stories provide the descriptive tools that allow for the protection and care of people and their thinking. Together, by redesigning what can happen in a design school, the academic community carves pathways toward the pluriverse.


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