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Deveron Projects

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Where do our artists come from? Where do our artists come from?

Friday Lunch

Fridays, 1-2pm, Brander kitchen

Weekly lunch and talks

What is Friday lunch? 
The sharing of food is a great leveler. On Fridays, we invite people to speak about topics that relate to art, their travels, gardening and other walks of life. At 1pm our little team, the artists and who ever else wants to join us, have lunch together. Normally we cook vegetarian and attempt to use local produce–from our garden when possible. Visitors make a contribution of £2. All are welcome!

Upcoming Friday lunches:
Fri 19 October: One Seed Forward: saving our heritage varieties of potatoes
with Bob Donald
Through his involvement in Slow Food Aberdeen and Shire, and his own community growing nitiative, One Seed Forward, Bob Donald has championed the need for us to grow local and enjoy the rich spectum of flavours that our heritage breeds provide. To celebrate the traditional 'tattie holidays', Bob will showcase some of these special breeds of potato, and discuss why it's important to support them, for the good of our climate as well as our food culture.
Fri 26 October: Changing our relationship with death
with Karen Collins
Death is an inevitable conclusion to all life. Despite this, our cultural relationship to death can be stunted and rooted in fear. By having an unsatisfactory relationship towards death - our own, as well as that of our loved ones - we can negatively affect portions of our life.

Samhain, or Hallowe'en, marks the Celtic new year - a time when the boundary between the living world and that of the dead effectively dissolves. Karen Collins, a skilled weaver whose work includes natural, biodegradable wicker coffins, asks us to consider our relationship with, and planning for, death.

How can we do death differently?
Do we want to do death differently?
What does that mean?
Come and explore what you want to happen.
Fri 2 November: Selected Operas
with David Ward
.Composer David Ward will talk about his music and compositional experience, with particular reference to his operas including some recorded excerpts. David is also chairperson of Music Centeral, a group celebrating the work of Huntly composer Ronald Center.
Fri 9 November: Walking the WW1 Carnic Peace Trail on the Austro-Italian border
with Claudia Zeiske
Fri 16 November: World Bellydance and the American Tribal Style
with Lyra Sevencats
Fri 23 November: Black Friday Lunch: Alternative Economies - experiment in not buying things
with TITG
Fri 30 November: St Andrew's Day: Garioch Women for Change: working towards a more positive, engaged Scotland
with Lindy Cheyne
Fri 7 December: Promoting awareness and understanding in our community
with The Gordon Schools' LGBTQ+ and Allies Club
Fri 14 December: Small Business Lunch
with Deveron Projects and Huntly District and Development Trust
Inviting small businesses to enjoy a pre-Christmas lunch. 

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