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Lunchtime Talk: Omar Afif

Fri 19 February, 1pm, Deveron Arts Office

Gnawa music, today and yesterday

All Welcome for lunch and discussion. Cost £2

Omar Afif will talk to us about the histories and traditions of his hometown, Essaouira, Morocco. Focusing on Gnawa music, Omar will show us the Gimbri, a three string guitar, crafted by himself from wood and camel skin, and will tell us about the customs and rituals of this spiritual and rhythmic music. 

This is part of 'Leftover Lunch'. Every Friday Deveron Arts opens its doors at 1pm, cooking lunch and welcoming all to attend. For lent, we are giving up food-waste, and so over the next six weeks we urge you to sweep your fridge and cupboards of the inevitable 'bits' that will eventually get chucked out or go-off, and bring them to the Deveron Arts kitchen where we will get creative in our recipes for a waste-not-want-not lunch during the talk.

Bring some left-overs by friday morning and we can reduce/waive your normal £2 fee.

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