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Kittelfrauen March

3 - 6 October 2019, Kittelfrauenwalk

with landmade.Kulturversorgungraum and Schloss Meyenburg

Partnerlook! is a multi-year collaboration between landmade.Kulturversorgungraum (KVR) Strodehne and Fashion Museum Schloss Meyenburg in Germany and Deveron Projects, Huntly, Scotland. At a time of rising nationalism across Europe, it looks at new community-led ways of collaboration in rural places through creative and participative examination of a wide range of patterns of material, social and ethnographic nature.

Under the motto 'Kittelschürze meets Kilt', the Kittelfrauen Parade forms the prelude of the Partnerlook! project. Led by curator Claudia Zeiske - with a kilt in her luggage - we will walk the 'Strodisign pinafore' cross-country from Strodehne to Meyenburg, where it will be exhibited in the museum. The approx. 80 km route is split into four hiking days, each relating to a social theme relevant to life in rural Europe today, looking at old and not-so-old symbols and traditions on the way. To help undearth new and old patterns, representatives from culture, politics and other walks of life will accompany the march on the corresponding day. 

Moderated by artist Gabriele Konsor, the hike will start at 10 am on the anniversary day of German Unity from Strodehne with an artistically designed community parade organised with local folks who will accompany the walkers onto their way out of the village. The parade will finish at Schloss Meyenburg in Sunday afternoon with Kaffee und Kunchen. Participants can walk the whole procession which is 90 km, or on individual days.

Day 1 / Thursday 3 October: Strodehne – Lohm
Oven and Opera: Patterns of rural cultural diversity

How is cultural diversity defined? Who decides what (good) culture is and what role plays diversity. What are our responses to the established and often imposed divides between the rural and the urban in arts development? Why do we support and engage in rural cultural activity?

Day 2 / Friday 4 October 2019: Lohm – Klein Leppin
Oaks and Oaths: Patterns of identity, pride and nationalism

Nationalist movement patterns in Europe? What are their symbols, and what if they die out? What defines identity of a nation, a region, a place? 

Day 3 / Saturday 5 October 2019: Klein Leppin – Pritzwalk
ürze and Kilt: Patterns of local-global
How can international, interregional collaborations be shaped meaningfully between localy focused art institutions and their stakeholders?

Day 4 / Sunday 6 October 2019: Pritzwalk – Meyenburg
Cliches and Chances: Patterns of gender and age

What are past and current images of women today? How are gender roles expressed in rural locations today? What do rural/traditional women’s skills and values contribute to the dialogue?

Contact for booking, costs, and other logistics: Gabriele Konsor,

Contact for advice on the walk, fitness, equipment: Claudia Zeiske,

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