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Understanding the Middle East

Sat 3 June 2017, Huntly Hotel

Film Screening and Symposium: History / Food / Politics / Law / Art / Facts / Talking Points

Overwhelmed as we are with dramatic information, made inescapable with 24 hour digital media, we look for some understanding of the Middle East; its history, current situations and the way forward. Philosophy, Art and Food - next to disciplines relating to politics, religion and history - offer insight at different levels. This event offered an opportunity to appreciate and comprehend the Middle East and its society with a platform that brings together artists, academics, professionals and local people, including Syrian new Scots.
Chair: Lynn Rutter
9.30 am            Mint Tea
10.00 am          Manaf Halbouni / Artist Talk. In conversation with Claudia Zieske
10.30 am          What If? Film Screening 1
11.00 am          Hayat and Soubie Shahoud (Syrian new Scots) / Personal Story. In conversation with Katie Maclean
11.30 am          Prof Paul Starkey / History of the Middle East: how we got to where we are now.
12.00 pm          Munir Emikdeh / Law and Order: a human rights perspective. In conversation with Lynn
12.30 pm          Lunch / Middle Eastern soup
1.30 pm            What if? Film Screening 2
2.00 pm            Wafa Khalfan / Women and Gender in modern Middle East.
In conversation with Fiona Wilson
2.30 pm            Dured Alhalbe / Personal Story in conversation with Jordan Gillespie
3.00 pm            Imam Ibrahim / Islam, Ramadan, Mosques and Qur’an in Syria and Aberdeen. In conversation with Donald Boyd
3.30pm             Discussion over mint tea and traditional Syrian sweets

Dured Alhalbe is Chairman of the Amal Committee Aberdeenshire who won the Young Scot Community Award 2017. 
Jordan Gillespie is Head girl at the Gordon Schools, Huntly.

Munir Emkideh is a human rights lawyer originally from Syria, living in Glasgow since 2013. He studied Law at Damascus University (1988) and was a member of Lawyer Society in Syria and worked as legal advisor for over ten years in Saudi Arabia. He will be talking about human rights in the Middle East today.

Manaf Halbouni is a Syrian German artist currently living and working in Dresden, Germany. During his residency at Deveron Projects he has been developing the What If? project, which explores an alternative timeline of the1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement. He worked closely with recently resettled Syrians living in Aberdeenshire and local residents to create the What If? film pieces.

Imam Ibrahim is the Imam of Aberdeen Mosque and Islamic Centre (AMIC) originally from Gaza. He also holds a PhD in Computer Science from RGU, lecturing at Aberdeen College. Donald Boyd is the Director of the Huntly and District Development Trust.

Wafa Khalfan is a media professional, writer and a poet. She is currently a PhD Researcher at the Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow.  Fiona Wilson is a local smallholder and business woman in Huntly.

Lynn Rutter is a founding member of Huntly in Solidarity with Refugees; she has worked with numerous private, public and charitable organisations in more than 40 countries, including Indonesia, Palestine, Dubai and Sudan. She recently worked with Oxfam, covering the Middle East Regional HR Management.

Hayat and Soubie Shahoud are Syrian new Scots originally from Homs. In 2016 they have been resettled from Turkey and now live in Aberdeenshire. Katie Maclean is the Resettlement Coordinator in Aberdeenshire.

Professor Paul Starkey is Vice-President of the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies. Until his retirement in 2012 he was Professor of Arabic and Head of the Arabic Department at Durham University, UK. Paul will be talking about the history of the Middle East and how we got to where we are now.

In collaboration with Huntly in Solidarity with Refugees

Supported by: Creative Scotland, Aberdeenshire Council, Goethe-Institut

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