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What is ARTocracy about? What is ARTocracy about?

Hans Abbing

The Value of Art


A social study of art

Hans Abbing is a cultural economist and art writer who was with us in December 2009.

During his time in Huntly, he developed his work The Value of Art: A Social Study of Art, Artists and the Arts Economy. The book studies art, artists and the arts economy from the perspective of value. The emphasis is on value and values which are created, expressed and maintained in events in which people interact while focusing on art. Although the emphasis is on symbolic value, money value is discussed as well. Using insights from standard economics, the book is primarily an application to the arts of the theory of the sociologist Randall Collins on interaction ritual chains. And also the theory of the sociologist Norbert Elias on the civilisation process plays an essential role.

As well as this Abbing also gave a full-house seminar on the issue of Why Are Artists Poor? A subject on which Hans has also written a book.



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