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What is the 50/50 Principle? What is the 50/50 Principle?

Claudia Zeiske

Home to Home


Room to roam, but only one home, for all the world to win.
George MacDonald
A secular pilgrimage into the meaning of home

In Summer 2017, Deveron Projects’ Founder/Director Claudia Zeiske turned artist in residence. During her sabbatical she undertook a 90 day pilgrimage walking from her home in Huntly, to visit her mother at her childhood home near Munich.

Having lived, loved and travelled a lot both within and outwith Europe, Claudia always felt blessed with her European passport and the privileges it brings. The UK's Brexit decision has brought this birth right of free movement into question. Walking through Scotland, England, Holland and Germany, the countries she knows best, aim was to discover what this diverse continent has to offer: spiritually, politically, personally. Creating a path, her path, allowed her to reflect on what holds her to being a European, and what home means in our current geopolitical situation.

‘Home to home’ encourages us to take time out and create a path of significance to our own lives, to think about our very personal intentions in the wider globalised context. Documented through daily postcards to her mother, the 1800km walk created a unique route linking old and new friends, exchanging oak leaves and woollen path spun bracelets, while gathering ideas for back home on the way.

Shadow Curator: Anthony Schrag

Follow Claudia a wee bit on her walk here!