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What is the 50/50 Principle? What is the 50/50 Principle?

Nancy Mteki



‘Have you seen 'the latest thing' in interactive techno-play? It really is astonishing. I only got it yesterday.'
' The Latest Thing' by Jonathan Emmett
The delights and issues surrounding maternity, childhood and materialism

Nancy Mteki came from Harare/Zimbabwe to Huntly in winter of 2013 with her 16-month-old daughter, Kayla.

Nancy's residency Mbereko investigated the delights and issues surrounding maternity and childhood in relation to material culture. For this she worked with young mothers in the town. Mbereko is the name of the cloth mothers in Zimbabwe carry their babies with.


The Deveron Projects Residency Prize was awarded to Nancy Mteki during Dak'Art 2012 - Biennale of Contemporary African Art by Claudia Zeiske and Pauline Burmann, independent curator and chairperson of the Thami Mnyele Foundation, Holland.

During her residency Nancy worked in collaboration with local artist Norma D Hunter, building strong relationships with other mothers and young children in Huntly through attending the local mother and toddler groups. Nancy was fascinated by the difference between bringing up a child in Zimbabwe and Europe, in particular the support networks available in form of the various groups she attended in Huntly. Also, the amount of toys children have access to flabbergasted both her and Kayla.

Nancy and Norma hosted an International Women's Day/Mother's day African sharing lunch, giving the other mothers and toddlers in the town the opportunity to try a selection of African foods and having their photographs taken by Nancy with their children.

For the final event Nancy and Norma again hosted a farewell picnic lunch with the mothers and toddlers, who were then given the opportunity to try the Mbereko - carrying their baby on their back using a cloth - for a walk to our empty shop. Here the mothers and children participated in a workshop to make dolls from recycled materials and engaged in a conversation with the two experts in the role of toys in childhood.

Shadow Curator: Christine Eyene


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