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Norma D Hunter

Arts Visitor

2008 – 2012

When all your desires are distilled, you will cast just two votes:
to love more and be happy
A new model to improve cultural health in the community

Norma D Hunter lives near Huntly. She was invited for a one year collaboration in 2011/12 to test the role of Arts Visitor.

Arts Visitor Norma specialised in socially engaged artwork in and around Huntly. She collaborated with local people, where community issues are often central to the design and final outcome of these projects. As a result her work spans many different art forms including performance, installation and events.



During her time with Deveron Projects Norma has undertaken a number of projects alongside our visiting artists: Ross Sinclair, when she set up a mass Gay Gordon; Anthony Schrag, where she helped with the designated dads for A Perfect Father Day; Priya Ravish Mehra, where she designed a special Diwali infused Halloween; and Mihret Kebede, when she was instrumental in drumming up people for the cumulative marathon. She also undertook a number of walking related projects such as It's Knot Magic; a modern day pilgrimage walking from the Clootie Wells of Munlochy back to Huntly with the healing waters.

During her year as Arts Visitor Norma worked in particular with the Huntly Cancer Support Group as part of the pARTners assignment funded by Creative Scotland. Prior to becoming a full time artist Norma spent many years working in the fields of Health and Social Care.

Next to numerous other events supporting visiting artists, Norma has undertaken It’s Knot Magic, a 130 km pilgrimage from the Clootie Wells in Munlochy on the Black Isle, in which she walked carrying with her the clothes of local people who wanted to become better. The waters of the wells are believed to be very beneficial to health. By dipping a strip of clothing from an afflicted person in the waters of the well and hanging them on a nearby tree the illness is to leave the person as the material deteriorates. Norma transported this sample of water through Invernesshire and Moray to Huntly. Mount Everest Climber Mark Inglis accompanied her on the last leg of this voyage, from Ruthven to Huntly.


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