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Deborah Beeson

potATo HOM(E)age


One potato Two potatoes Three potatoes Four! Five potatoes Six potatoes Seven potatoes More!
A year long investigation into the cycle of the potato fruit

Deborah Beeson comes from the Huntly vicinity and was with us for two years from 2006 as Artist for All Seasons. During her second year she concentrated on a year long celebration of the Aberdeenshire potato.

Responding to her role as the artist of all seasons, and also as a self-confessed housewife, Deborah felt a close affinity with the potato, one of Huntly's staple products. Eaten all year round as a large source of nutrition for our local familes; this vegetable is a symbol of Huntly's social and financial economies.


Deborah highlighted both the durability and also the versatility of the potato through its uses in the many diverse recipes that circulate around Huntly. Debbie also produced a potato maze in the Brander garden, which was comprised of many varieties of heritage potatoes with a shed at the centre, dispensing some of her potent yet nourishing potato wine. Her maze represented a journey that requires concentration, care and patience - much like her residency and engagement with the town. 

Further to this, she produced an installation in the Square in collaboration with Science and Art departments from the Gordon School named, 'How Many Potatoes Does It Take To Light A Light Bulb?'  


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