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Rhynie Woman

Cooking the Landscape


The shared meal elevates eating from a mechanical process of fueling the body to a ritual of family and community, from the mere animal biology to an act of culture

Michael Pollan

Hospitality, food and welcoming spaces connecting people and all things heritage

Rhynie Woman is an artist collective formed by Debbi Beeson and Daisy Williamson. Both are from Rhynie, a village close to Huntly. They create food and foraging based events as a way of investigating local heritage. Their creative approach to hospitality provided us with sustenance for both the mind and body throughout the year.

Rhynie and the surrounding Strathbogie area is steeped in history: Rhynie Chert, Rhynie ManTap o' Noth, pictish and neolithic sites and Alexander MacKay to name just a few. Through an investigation into local food heritage, Rhynie Woman questions how food can be used to re-engage with landscape and its history? 


Rhynie Woman's project explored local social history through hospitality; using food as a means of bringing people together—through a 'field to table' approach, utilising foraging, honouring local food, traditional recipes and celebrations—to create a platform which promoted dialogue, skill sharing, and the exchange of ideas. As a starting point they looked at the heritage of food in our geographic area: local food sources, longevity and preservation, as well as portable methods of preparation and delivery. 

Throughout the year they created a series of food "pop-ups" in Huntly, Rhynie, and elsewhere, which ran alongside Deveron Projects' curated projects throughout the year.  Their extremely inventive and resourceful approach to food, and to event hosting, helped us continue our investigation into hospitality: What does it say of the host when served stinging nettles for tea; hidden inside a cream cake, their threat to sting ones tongue still present, lurking.


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