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What is ARTocracy about? What is ARTocracy about?

Richard Demarco

7000 Oaks


I think the tree is an element of regeneration which
in itself is a concept of time
Joseph Beuys
An event exploring Joseph Beuys' visits to Scotland

Richard Demarco, one of Scotland’s leading art impresarios joined Deveron Projects for some short visits in 2009.

70 years after Britain’s declaration of war we gathered to commemorate with a series of projects inspired by Joseph Beuys. Beuys came to Scotland but due to his untimely death never managed to fulfil his ambition to plant an oak wood. 7000 Oaks is a long-term ambition by Deveron Projects to make Joseph Beuys' dream come true in Scotland.


As part of the Slow Down programme we hosted an arts breakfast with an illustrated talk by Richard about Joseph Beuys in Scotland. The talk encompassed visits and activities on Rannoch Moor and elsewhere in Scotland, where he developed the thought of the tree as an element of regeneration as a concept of time in itself.

Following this on 3rd September 2009 we marked the 70th anniversary of the declaration of war on Germany. On this occasion a group of us met together with participants including:

Hseuh Ting Fang – Taiwanese; Nick May – English; Lin Pan – Chinese; Keith Cockburn – Scottish; Ashley Branston – Scottish; Paul Rous – English; Clea Wallis – English/German; Stefanie Ford – Canadian/German; Roderick Buchanan (by phone) – Scottish; Richard Demarco (by phone) – Scottish/Italian; Anna Vermehren – German; Claudia Zeiske – German

We cooked a lunch with Haggis and Sauerkraut, and recited poems in our own languages fitting the occasion and some attendees shared stories about their relatives' experiences in London, Berlin and Scotland. To mark the end of the occasion, we planted 7 acorns into pots.


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