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The Town Is The Venue
What is Friday Lunch? What is Friday Lunch?

Think: Brexit

2018 – 2019

It’s time we took things back to the streets and the lanes, the towns and the villages, the meadows and the squares of this country
Gina Miller
Discuss / Debate / Act / Imagine

Think: Brexit – our commitment to creative discourse

With Brexit due date coming nearer every day, we at Deveron Projects are increasingly thinking about the future of our community and our country; its people, its environment, its possibilities. As a cultural organisation we will be exploring this and would welcome your ideas on how we can shape the future through positive, people-centred ideas.

What would you do? What could we do?

/ Resource List

A mixture of accessible and academic perspectives on the impact of Brexit on various subjects. Please contact us with any suggestions you might think useful to add to the list! 
General Notes
Tourism and Industry
Environment and Agriculture 
NHS and Social Care
Exchange in the Arts
Culture and Identity