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The Town Is The Venue Town Collection

Anthony Schrag

All Hail the Returning Hunter/Gatherers, 2011

Huntly Train Station

Metal Sign

Anthony Schrag is a Canadian artist based in Edinburgh who joined us in Summer 2011 to investigate the role of fathers in today's society. The project explored the shifting dynamic of the 'family unit' as more and more parents - often fathers - live and/or work away or may be absent altogether, particularly in the North East of Scotland where many fathers work offshore or overseas.

This project culminated in A Perfect Father Day? an event exploring Dadness including; games, prizes, a Dad-Zone and every Dad’s favourite, barbecues. One performance welcomed passengers coming home on the commuter train from Aberdeen. A 'Welcome Home' sign is now a permanent fixture at the train station, welcoming Huntly residents home.

Find this artwork at Huntly Train Station: