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The Town Is The Venue
What is a Shadow Curator? What is a Shadow Curator?
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The Town Is The Venue Town Collection

Wilhelm Scherübl

Haus, 2000

Murdoch, McMath and Mitchell Estate Agents, Duke Street


Wilhelm Scherübl is an artist who lives and works in Radstatt and Vienna. His practice examines the natural structures and processes to be found everywhere, and the fundamental questions of existence.

He took up residence in Huntly during Summer 2000, looking into the similarities between organic life in nature and society. He identified twelve windows in the town; six of them in private spaces, six of them in public spaces, and painted a microscopic organic structure on each. These window drawings are some form of an alternative to net curtains and give the effect of a landscape; the longer you look at them the more three-dimensional they become.

The windows have since been cleaned and Haus was donated to the Town Collection as evidence of Scherübl’s time in Huntly.

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