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The Town Is The Venue
What is Friday Lunch? What is Friday Lunch?

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Town is the Garden

2017 – 2018

[N]ow, shakily on this little remnant of allotment, he sets a few beans.
Because it is the time of year: it is time to sow beans.
Adrian Bell
A community food growing project

The Town is the Garden is a community food growing project begun in 2017. The project is run by two gardeners in residence and our green coordinator.

Huntly is a historic market town situated within what is considered to be the rich agricultural land of Aberdeenshire. An area that despite accounting for around 12% of Scotland's overall agricultural area produces over 20% of the country's agricultural output. The landscape around us is shaped by food: by what we eat and the food system that currently supports this. And yet, it would seem that our relationship to food is more disjointed and detached than at any other period in history — perhaps evidenced by the fact that we are spending less and less on it while simultaneously demanding that it becomes even cheaper. On top of this, as our climate breaks down, it would seem that the conventional food system in its current state is not sustainable from neither an environmental or economic perspective. Our relationship to food must change. There are some difficult conversations to be had. Inequality is the driving force of unsustainability. With this in mind, what is the future of food production for an area like Huntly? The Town is the Garden is about exploring this future.



/ The Plot – A piece of land marked out for a purpose. Through the project we are supporting individuals, organisations and groups, no matter the size of their plot, to grow more food. How is our community and relationship to the land shaped by food?

/ The Seed – From which, under the right conditions, new things begin to develop. We are providing free plants and seeds, as well as the support and advice needed to get growing. How might we begin to revalue our relationship to food and to the land?

/ The Compost Heap – A site of transformation where loose material becomes fertile and productive.  We are supporting the community to compost more waste locally and develop a composting network across the town.  How can we think of Huntly as a more sustainable, interconnected place when it comes to food systems?​

/ The Spade –  A thing used to help perform a job. We are providing free open-access workshops and events  sharing skills, labour and knowledge  on food production, horticulture and sustainability within our community. How might horticulture help us to think about the metaphors we use to construct our knowledge of the world around us and the spaces we share with others? 

/ The Table – A space for conversation, discussion and actions. We are bringing food to the table for discussion as well as holding activities on food preservation, cooking and eating. How can we think and act in a more sustainable, caring way through the processes of food production? 

Supported by the Climate Challenge Fund.

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