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What is Friday Lunch? What is Friday Lunch?

Pilgrim's Arrival in Venice

Thu 1 October, Venezia

Anthony Schrag reaches the Venice Biennale

The Lure of the Lost is a contemporary pilgrimage from Huntly in Scotland to Venice, Italy, undertaken by artist Anthony Schrag. Anthony left Huntly mid-June and has followed a route created from fragments of the Pennine Way and the Via Francigena, going over the Swiss Alps and into Italy. After three and a half months of continuous walking, Anthony will arrive in Venice on 1 October.
See Italian translation. 

12 pm Anthony's Arrival - Camilla Crosta will meet walkers in Venice, to walk over the Ponte della Liberta to meet Anthony and walk back with him on the final stretch of Pilgrimage 
Meet: ACTV Ticket Office in Piazzale Roma, 12pm. Camilla will be there with a Lure of the Lost banner
(To arrange with Camilla and for contact number please email:

2 pm Pilgrims' Welcome Gathering -  Picnic provided by DAPES.
Place: Parco delle Rimembranze

6 pm In Conversation - Anthony Schrag will be telling about his journey from Huntly, followed by a conversation with art critic and curator Angela Vettese and Claudia Zeiske of Deveron Arts.
Angela Vettese is Director of the Graduate Programme in Visual Arts at the lUAV University of Venice. She will be discussing the experience of the pilgrimage, why it was commissioned, and how it relates to the 'sacred-site' of the Venice Biennale.
Venue: Serra dei Giardini, Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi. 

Deveron Arts welcomes you to attend these events in Venice. Booking is advised:

In collaboration with Paolo Rosso of Microclima.

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