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The Town Is The Venue
Where in the world is Huntly? Where in the world is Huntly?

Anthony Schrag

Lure of the Lost: A Contemporary Pilgrimage


For pilgrymes are we alle
Piers Plowman
A walk from Huntly to the Venice Biennale: 111 days/2500k

Anthony Schrag departed Huntly on June 14 2015 and walked for three and a half months, over 2500km, by pilgrimage to the Venice Biennale.

Lure of the Lost is a project that took inspiration from Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost things, and from pilgrimage as a journey for spiritual or moral significance. Anthony walked to the sacred site of many artists, the Venice Biennale, the biggest international art festival in the world. Every two years an artist is selected to represent their country. By walking there, the artist questioned what it means to be professionally accepted, and the desire of reaching such a destination. 







Anthony's route exercised his right to freedom of movement to the extreme, crossing Britain and Europe, through the Cairngorms, down the Pennine Way, along the Via Francigena route, and over the Swiss Alps into Italy, arriving in Venice on the 1st of October. His journey was one of endurance and reflection devised from both existing paths, and constructed routes. It occurred during a time when migration into Europe - also by foot, also over thousands of kilometres - made headlines all over the world and raised both universal and local concern. This created a challenging and urgent context for the work - provoking reflection on the relative privilege enjoyed by many of us with movement and residency rights.

During the 111 days of pilgrimage, Anthony was joined by many companions, met people from all walks of life, and was hosted each night by friends, interested persons/organisations, couchsurfs and B'n'Bs. Each host gave Anthony something to take with him to Venice, ranging from a 4th Century Veneto carved pietra to a white feather from St. Kilda.
Anthony's journey, the people he met along and relics they gave him, form an active travelling project with a variety of participants and contributors. This can be seen through Anthony's blog, showing a post each day, often with stories of encounters and experiences of new places. Much of the journey was also one of solitude, with interactions and communication coming to Anthony through digital means on this contemporary pilgrimage.

Upon arrival in Venice, Anthony was joined by a large parade who walked with him to the gates of the Biennale. Anthony's only constant companion, however, was an oak sapling taken from the same acorns planted in Huntly's White Wood. The most permanent relic of Lure of the Lost, this was planted in the garden of the Arsenale in Venice, a key location of the Biennale, where it will grow for the next 900 years.

Shadow Curator: Barbara Steveni

Creative Scotland Lottery Funded  Aberdeenshire Council

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