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How do we investigate things? How do we investigate things?
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What if? Filming Syrian New Scots 2
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Manaf Halbouni

What If?


It’s not necessary to build a sculpture to have a monument of freedom.
Manaf Halbouni
A performance piece to imagine a different geo-political scenario.

Manaf Halbouni, originally from Syria and living and working in Dresden, is our resident artist in Huntly in Spring 2017. Manaf will be looking at the question of What if the Arab world had colonised Europe rather than the other way round?

At a time where Europe and its nation states are under question What If? deals with an alternative history timeline of colonialism in the Middle East. Most of the countries in that area today were formed by British and French agreements through the Sykes-Picot Agreement which, in 1916 divided the Middle East into the countries we know now: Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, ... are some of those who fell into that agreement. Manaf is turning this history round, fictionalising a world where the Ottoman Empire and United States of Arabia split Europe instead. 

Manaf is creating a theatrical play depicting a secret meeting between representatives, discussing the splitting of Europe. Manaf wants to explore our history, thinking about how colonialism provoked wars, conflicts and the consequent migrations to Europe. Working with recently resettled Syrian new Scots from Aberdeenshire, and local Huntly folk, Manaf invited the community to come and watch the play, and also film it on their own digital devices, contributing to a film from multiple perspectives. The resulting films will be screened at events in Huntly, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Supported by: Goethe Institute